Program Overview


The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), aims at enabling professionals to perform activities related to research, technological development and teaching related to Chemical Engineering, seeking to expand the field of activity of professionals from this area.

Masters graduates of the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering are professionals with solid, scientific, multidisciplinary training and with social and environmental awareness. Thus, these graduates will be able to act in activities of the various sectors of the chemical industry, as in teaching and research activities, interpreting and applying scientific rigor required for various challenges characteristic of the area.

Specifically, the formation of this professional will be guided by the construction of knowledge to meet the demands of industrial production sectors and the new demands for higher education and research in Chemical Engineering. For both demands, the knowledge of alumni will consider the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental.

a) Economic:

Knowledge that lead to implementation of new manufacturing facilities using the best available technology and that consider optimization of the steps of existing production processes, which preserve natural resources, using raw materials from renewable sources, which reduce the production of waste, or , develop steps to add value to waste and, thus, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits. This feature will also be seen with good eyes if the alumni follow an academic career.

b) Social:

Society will receive professionals with ability to recognize the interconnections between the various fields of knowledge for application in the growth of local, regional and national economy while maintaining the quality of life and using natural resources responsibly. The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering will provide to the society professionals with strong background in its research lines with multidisciplinary vision and ability to work in the knowledge interfaces, in teams and in multidisciplinary research projects, in the fields of chemical industry or at the academy.

c) Environmental:

The various areas that make up the contents of the Graduate course in Chemical Engineering, will allow graduates to act in industrial sectors and in the academy with environmental responsibility, bringing benefits for today’s society and future generations.


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