Areas of Expertise

Process Engineering

The Chemical Engineering area involves all activities related to the transformation of raw materials into finished products. Thus, this area of knowledge, for being wide, provides the inclusion of the analysis of various problems. This feature enables the expansion and diversification of studies that will be developed in PPGEnQ over time. Initially it is proposed research activities related to the design, project, development, simulation, control and optimization of processes and products, using the knowledge of physical, chemical and biological associate phenomena. Often activities involve the planning and execution of experiments and / or application of mathematical methods, and computational tools.

Research Lines

Development of Processes and Materials

The development of processes is an alternative to meet the demand for techniques that use renewable raw materials, for example organic residues, for the production of molecules and biomolecules with commercial interest in addition to providing development of competitive products, environmentally friendly and alternatives to those obtained by conventional processes, meeting different application demands. The studies in this research line seek to understand the production, extraction, purification, characterization and evaluation of molecules, materials and biomolecules, as well as its industrial application.

Industrial Processes

It is focused on the industrial sector, especially but not exclusively, in the chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metal and others, in areas related to the development, improvement and optimization of processes and projects. The research line also addresses the environmental impact, energy recycling and studies of processes using the simulators UNISIM DESIGN R410, ASPEN PLUS V8.6, COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4 and TRNSYS v.17, among others.


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